What really is a Green School?

To be a green school, you have to have four major components.
First, your school has to strive to be toxic free.
Second, your school  has to use your resources sustainably.
Third, your school has to create a green healthy living, working and learning place. 
Fourth, your school has to edjucate about being green and environmentally friendly

Toxic free, there are many good examples  already in our community. Many stores, resturants and public places try or are toxic free, with no pesticides lead or mold. Also, you should try to have green building and cleaning materials.

Using your resources sustainably, can also mean a lot of things. You should definently use energy efficient power sources, like solar power, geothermal energy, or even just turning off the lights and using the windows. You can also recyle lots! Many people don't realize how may peices of paper or bottles they throw out, that could've been recycled.

To make a healthy living space, is not as hard as it seems. There are many things like putting recycling bins everywhere, to rethinking what you eat. Also rethinking
school lunchs can be a big help. Using reusable lunchbags, and turning off the computers, will make a huge difference. ghds

Important People

Pat Quinn and the Sustainable Schools Compact

 Pat Quinn, the Illinois governer, created a very important resource for project citizen. He created the Illinois sustainable Schools Compact. This is a compact that tells about what Illinois will do for the environment.This was created in 2002.

Dan Seals

Dan seals also helps out with the governmental area of our project.He helps with things like advertising our ideas, funding,and other official notices.

Mr. Hull

Mr. Hull, being the one of the two social studies teacherfs that works at Elm Place, is a very important person to project citizen. He provides most of the curriculem, most of the requirements, and lots of information for us to use.